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  • By Christy Moore
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  • Posted February 26, 2016

Saline Treatments and Surfing's Positive Impact

By now, you probably know that the Mauli Ola Foundation takes kids with cystic fibrosis (CF) surfing as a fun and natural treatment. You may have also skimmed our website to find out more information about <em>why</em> surfing is a natural treatment for CF (see What is Saline?). Now lets talk a little more about <em>how </em>surfing can have a positive impact for people with CF by looking at the scientific research that inspired James and Charlie Dunlop to start the Mauli Ola Foundation in

  • By Christy Moore
  • Christy's Corner, Genetics
  • Posted November 18, 2015

What is DNA?

Think about a huge building. Its made out of many, many bricks. The building might only have one set of blueprints, which are the instructions on how to make it. And usually, those blueprints are not kept inside the building, but somewhere else. Just like a building is made out of many bricks, our bodies are made up of trillions of tiny cells. Our bodies also have blueprints, but instead of just <em>one</em> copy, we have a copy inside <em>every one </em>of our cells! Thats like a blueprint

  • By Christy Moore
  • Christy's Corner, Cystic Fibrosis, Surfing
  • Posted November 11, 2015

What is saline?

What is saline? Simply put, saline is salt water. The water inside our bodies (like in our skin, eyes, and organs) has salt in it. You may have used saline drops to help moisten your eyes, or saline nasal spray to moisten your nasal passages. This is called isotonic saline, which is a fancy way of saying that it has the same level of salt as the water in your body. It feels refreshing. If youve ever gotten tap water (which has less salt in it than what is inside your body) in your nose,

  • By Christy Moore
  • Christy's Corner, Genetics
  • Posted November 04, 2015

What is cystic fibrosis?

What is cystic fibrosis? Cystic fibrosis (called CF for short) is a genetic condition. That means a person is born with it it cannot be caught, like a cold or flu. There is a very broad range of how serious the health problems can be: some people have a severe form with lung and digestion problems, and some people have a very mild form, with few health problems. People with CF can have very thick, sticky mucus in the lungs, which is difficult to cough out. This can cause wheezing