North Shore Benefit Concert Recap

The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Humu) National Tour has come to an end. Thank you to all who have made it possible! From every surfer participant coming to a surf experience day to every like on social media, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Each year, Mauli Ola ends the tour with a celebration on the North Shore of Oahu. This year was no different. MOF and Turtle Bay Resort teamed up and threw an epic party at this years 4th Annual North Shore Benefit Concert with good vibes, music, art, food, and great stories recapping the 2015 adventures. "It was a great opportunity to wrap up MOF's most active year-to-date in a room full of great supporters," explains Hans Hagen, Executive Director for Mauli Ola.

We had performances from Paula Fuga, Humble Soul, and Tahiti Mana Dance Troupe. In between each performance, the audience would experience recap videos, personal experiences from our ohana(MOF family), or an advocate would share a personal story reflecting their love for Mauli Ola. Hearing the stories from families and people battling genetic disorders gives us the inspiration to change the world by letting their voices be heard.

The headliner for Mauli Ola's benefit concert has been apart of the MOF ohana for many years. This band has been trying to schedule a benefit show for years and on December 12th, the stars aligned. With a sold out crowd of 500+ guests, Pepper took to the stage as the main event and rocked the house. "Just like Mauli Ola, Pepper started grass roots in their home town and now they're traveling the world and making a huge change doing what they love," says lifelong friend of the band and Mauli Ola's Community Outreach Specialist, Jason Magallenes. 

We are so honored to have such an authentic group of musicians and performers give back and make this north shore benefit concert an aw-inspiring experience. Mohalo to all our sponsors who helped make this years benefit concert possible – Pacifico, Jägermeister, The Pinnacle GroupDa Hui, Turtle Bay Resort, Ambry Genetics, Flexfit, and Chiesi.

Jamie O'Brien had the insider's scoop of how the night really went amongst the surf community, “By far the best event on the North Shore during the whole winter. The attention to detail and good vibes at this year’s north shore benefit concert makes it the event you don’t want to miss. It’s so amazing to see how far this foundation has come, from that first grass roots surf day in Newport Beach that James Dunlop and Charlie Dunlop co-founded back in 2007 to now. All the inspirational stories and awareness videos made the flow and energy so rad.”

“The Humu Tour was an amazing accomplishment. The love and passion our staff, volunteers, and sponsors put into the mission was evident and permeated throughout the entire tour.  The families and patients spirits were uplifted at every stop and it was that outpouring of love and support that makes everything so worthwhile. That love drives us to make 2016 even better by reaching everyone that can benefit from Mauli Ola Foundation,” says James Dunlop,  Mauli Ola President.

We couldn’t be more excited about 2016 and going even bigger with each and every event we put on and hospital we visit! Mauli Ola raised $150,000 at this year's event! All proceeds go straight towards the 2016 national tour. 

The Mauli Ola Team

Caleb Remington

Hi! My name is Caleb Remington. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of one. Life has been an exciting rollercoaster of ups and downs, but I choose to see every moment from a positive perspective. Throughout my life, I have given over 200 speeches across the country sharing what I have learned about coping with a genetic disorder and how much surfing has changed my life thanks to the platform Mauli Ola has given me. I love golfing, snowboarding, surfing, SUP, technology, modern medicine, family, friends, fat puppies, and nerding out on science and physics. I <3 Mauli Ola. Au Ryte!


Tiffany Au
December 20, 2015 15:09

Awesome job, everyone! It was an honor to work for such an amazing organization. Constantly inspired by efforts of the hard working team and the new stories and faces to the MOF Ohana. Congratulations on a well deserving event- always rooting for ya'll. Hugs!

humberto huerta
December 18, 2015 04:51

It was a great night. Pepper rocked and the speeches were inspirational. Go MOF!

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