Join us on the North Shore for a Surf Experience Day

Come join Mauli Ola for the final stretch of our Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Tour. This is our final Surf Experience Day of 2015and we could not be more stoked for what a wonderful year it has been! We are excited to get the kids out on the water this Saturday for some saline treatment, fresh air, and fun waves.

Teddy Navarro

Teddy was born in Whittier, California, but luckily for the Mauli Ola Foundation he made his way west. He began surfing at an older age of 16, and after a couple short years, he won the US Amateur Championship. As a pro, Teddy has traveled all over the world to compete, and has been featured in numerous surf videos. When he isn't on tour with Mauli Ola, he can be found shredding the Northside of Huntington Pier. If he's not there, he's body boarding the shore break with his daughter Emma and son Dax.


James Dunlop
December 7, 2015 13:34

Epic day.




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