Donation to Champions from a Champion - 2015 WSL title holder donates to Mauli Ola

Newly crowned 2015 Surfing World Champion Adriano De Souza donated $5,000 to Mauli Ola Foundation last week. Mauli Ola Foundation is stoked and extremely grateful for his generous contribution and is excited to have his support!

De Souza is no stranger to MOF--In conjunction with the World Surf League’s Australian Snapper Rocks competition, De Souza attended his first “Breath of Life” surf day where he donated his time as a surf instructor to a patient.

 “Adriano was the first to arrive at the event, ready to help and surf with his partner,” said Pro Surfer Nathan Hedge.

De Souza guided his partner through an amazing surf experience at the infamous break and developed a lasting friendship.

“I was very happy to see this big boy smile and feel the same feeling I get when I’m standing on the board,” said De Souza.

 During the 2015 Vans Triple Crown world title race, De Souza stayed with MOF Ohana Jamie O’Brien during his North Shore circuit wherein after he clinched the 2015 men’s world title.  In addition to staying involved with MOF through the Ohana as well as incredible events like “Breath of Life,” De Souza also maintained a pivotal friendship with the late Ricardo Dos Santos, whose motto remained an essential part of his world title journey.

“I have a tattoo in memory of his life,” said De Souza. “He has the same tattoo in the same spot, and they say ‘Strength, Balance and Love—that’s all I need this year to win the world title.”

De Souza continues to maintain a positive impact throughout our MOF family and we are stoked for his continued involvement!

Jackie Connor

Blame it on the Beach Boys and my orange Morey boogie board that would send my seven year-old self spinning through Salt Creek’s whitewash. I didn’t know it yet, but some kind of bug bit me good—the type of bug that constantly keeps an extra body in the lineup. This bug isn’t so rare these days, but it’s been known to cause symptoms like extreme joy when near an ocean, daydreams about the ocean and the constant urge to ride waves—results may vary! For the past 12 years, I have been surfing the California coastline as well as a few other spots on the globe. These adventures and more can be found on my blog: It is incredibly inspirational to see how MOF changes the lives of many individuals through surfing and other ocean activities. Stoked to be a part of the Ohana!


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