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This contest exists to spread awareness about the importance of early detection in breast cancer. During the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), visit and vote for your favorite surfers!

What Is Battle For The Breasts?

Battle for the Breasts is an on-line video surf contest presented by Ambry Genetics and powered by Surfline.

The world's top female surfers will go head-to-head during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to raise awareness and compete for genetic testing vouchers donated by Ambry Genetics on behalf of Mauli Ola Foundation to the qualifying cancer clinics.


Pro Surfers







Battle Pairings & Athlete Bios

These girls will be battling for 125,000 dollars'
worth of diagnostic testing donated by Ambry Genetics.

  • <h4>Alana Blanchard - </h4> Perhaps the most visible female surfer/model in the world today, Kauai�s Alana Blanchard enjoyed a fruitful amateur career and put in several years on the World Surf League Women�s Championship Tour, 2009-2014, before veering away from full-time competition to pursue endeavors as a traveling freesurfer. Truthfully, she�s gained far more international acclaim as a social media sensation than as a pro surfer. Since gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated�s iconic Swimsuit Issue, her Instagram account has exploded with 1.7 million followers, and it�s growing every day. Alana has only surfed in two Qualifying Series events this season, but has been jet-setting and shredding nonstop, with topnotch photographers and filmmakers recording her every move.

    Alana Blanchard

  • <h4>Alessa Quizon - </h4> In three years, Alessa Quizon went from being a seven-year-old keiki learning to surf her sacred West Side homebreak to a Rell Sunn Memorial Contest contestant at Makaha, which effectively lit her competitive fuse. She joined the Top-17 in 2014, where she paid the typical rookie dues. In 2015, she won a �QS event, the Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman�s Pro, and in the following �CT event � the climactic, World Title-deciding Target Maui Pro � Alessa placed 3rd in ridiculously pumping Honolua Bay surf. Her best result in 2016 was a runner-up at the Copa El Salvador Impresionante, and between family and sponsors, no female surfer has a better support system.

    Alessa Quizon

  • <h4>Bethany Hamilton - </h4> Losing an arm to a Tiger Shark while surfing at home in Kauai propelled Bethany Hamilton toward mainstream celebrity � spawning television appearances (Oprah, Dateline, etc.), magazine features (People, Life, etc.), several books and films including a New York Times bestselling autobiography-turned-major motion picture (Soul Surfer) and a range of signature products. But it�s her more recent saltwater achievements that validate her as the inspiration of all inspirations for surfers everywhere. From air-reverses in Indonesia to air-drops at Jaws to World Surf League Wildcard berths and impressive performances in a myriad of specialty events, Hamilton continues to push the limits of what�s possible on a wave with two arms--only she does it with one.

    Bethany Hamilton

  • <h4>Bianca Buitendag - </h4> Growing up excelling on many athletic and academic fronts, Bianca Buitendag grew up proud of her South African heritage, but was nonetheless ready to hit the road after she won the World Juniors at Narrabeen at 17. As a young amateur, Bianca bonded seamlessly with Reunion Island�s Johanne Defay and, along with Roxy coach Mathias Maallem, the two charged the QS in 2012. Bianca only made one round in seven months before winning two QS�s by the end of the year. After those typically tough rookie and sophomore seasons, she made three CT finals in 2015 to finish the season ranked #4. Her best result this year was a 3rd-place at the Fiji Women�s Pro, won, serendipitously enough, by good friend Johanne Defay.

    Bianca Buitendag

  • <h4>Carissa Moore - </h4> The most dominant competitive female surfer of the modern era, three-time WSL Women�s World Champion Carissa Moore has played an instrumental role in redefining the perceptions of women�s surfing since first joining the Tour in 2010. Combining a powerful, progressive approach in the water with a brilliant strategic mind and classic Hawaiian courage, she�s made over a million dollars in prizemoney and has won 17 CT events. In 2015, the Oahu native won her third World Title in idyllic Honolua Bay barrels with perfect-10-posting form. Though Carissa has yet to win an event in 2016, she�s still considered the surfer to beat in any heat, from one-foot Huntington to eight-foot Cloudbreak. And she�s only 24.

    Carissa Moore

  • <h4>Caroline Marks - </h4> Clearly the most dominant female amateur surfer in the world today, 14-year-old Carolina Marks is also the East Coast United States� most likely prospect for a future World Championship. The Floridian goofyfoot has won every amateur event that matters, and more recently, took her second straight U.S. Open Juniors title a week after making the Quarterfinals of the QS6000 Supergirl Pro. Her coach, fellow Floridian pro CT Taylor, and ultra-supportive family unit keeps her grounded while she navigates her seamless entry into professional surfing with a calculated, yet likely dominant, plan of attack that includes (but is not limited to) Junior Pro contests, bigger waves and technical aerials.

    Caroline Marks

  • <h4>Coco Ho - </h4> When it comes to royal Hawaiian surfing pedigree, few surfers can compare to Coco Ho. Since setting out on her maiden �CT voyage in 2009, Coco swiftly won the Rip Curl Pro Search Portugal as a freshman, earning her Rookie of the Year honors. Though she has yet to win another �CT event, she finished the 2011 �QS season in the #1 spot and has won numerous �QS�s since her pro debut, including the Maresia Girls International in 2010, the Legendary Pacific Coast Pro in 2011, the Los Cabos Open of Surf and the Oceano Santa Catarina Pro in 2014, and most recently, the Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro this summer.

    Coco Ho

  • <h4>Dimity Stoyle - </h4> Winning the Burleigh Pro at the beginning of the season, Dimity Stoyle got 2015 off on the right foot. Unfortunately the Sunny Coast local hasn�t been able to translate that success onto the world tour. To date she�s only clocked in one heat win on the CT this year. That said, the 5�2� regular-footer is one of the most versatile surfers on the scene and capable of big things. She handled Carissa Moore in pumping surf at the 2014 Fiji Pro and has done well in Cabo the last couple of years. And from sliding alaias, to gliding single-fins and shaping her own boards, Stoyle�s noted the influence of a range of equipment in her approach. A fun, vibrant surfer, she�s in the game for all the right reasons.

    Dimity Stoyle

  • <h4>Isabella Nichols - </h4> Hailing from Queensland�s Sunshine Coast, Isabella Nichols won three WSL Pro Junior events in 2015 � the Hurley Australian Open, the Wahine Pro Junior and the Los Cabos Open of Surf � before capturing the Women�s Ericeira World Junior Championship, subsequently earning a spot on her first �CT event, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast. An age ruling prevented her from defending her World Junior Championship, but it doesn�t really matter, because Isabella is dead-set on the �QS, and more specifically, qualifying for the illustrious Top-17. And with tutelage and support from her coach and trainer, Tim Just, in conjunction with Phil McNamara, she will likely do just that.

    Isabella Nichols

  • <h4>Johanne Defay - </h4> Following a very similar path to fellow countryman Jeremy Flores, Johanne Defay grew up surfing on Reunion Island before moving to France for her formative competitive years. In 2013, she won a whopping five WSL Pro Junior events before embarking on her maiden season on the �CT, where she ascended steadily to finish the season at #8 and Rookie of the Year honors. In 2015, she built on a telltale Semifinal result at the Fiji Pro by achieving her first CT victory, the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, to finish the season in the #8 spot once again. This year, the reigning bridesmaid won the Fiji Pro. She�s currently sitting pretty at the #6 spot on the Jeep Leaderboard.

    Johanne Defay

  • <h4>Keely Andrew - </h4> A natural athlete, Keely Andrew finished runner-up at the Australian Junior Surfing Titles on her 16th birthday, effectively destroying a potentially fruitful tennis career. A couple WSL Pro Junior victories and a maiden QS win (the Port Taranaki Pro NZ Home Loans Surf Festival) later, and the Sunshine Coast native is now doing double-duty in the WSL as a CT rookie/ QS backup grinder. Recently winning the QS6000 Copa El Salvador Impresionante, she carried that momentum to the U.S. Open, where she beat Carissa Moore to make her first elite Quarterfinal. Meanwhile, her mother�s battle with breast cancer has given her some keen insight into the disease and brought her already-tight family unit even closer.

    Keely Andrew

  • <h4>Lakey Peterson - </h4> Santa Barbara sensation Lakey Peterson is one of the most progressive female surfers on the planet. Her signature frontside air-reverse helped her win the 2012 U.S. Open of Surfing in her freshman season on the CT, where she has remained despite running her own fundraiser surf contest, making a full-length biographical surf movie, Zero To 100, and dedicating herself to philanthropic efforts like Hands4Others, Ocean Lovers Collective and several nonprofits benefiting cancer research and treatment. In 2015, Lakey made a string of Quarterfinals, two Semifinals and a Final before injuring herself for the majority of the 2016 season. She recovered in fine form, placing 3rd at the U.S. Open this summer, and remains on the cutting edge of high-performance surfing

    Lakey Peterson

  • <h4>Laura Enever - </h4> The fashionista of the Women�s Top-17, Laura Enever clawed her way from Narrabeen�s ultra-competitive lineups to a World Junior Championship in 2009. In 2010, she won the Billabong Women�s Azores Island Pro, which vaulted her towards a World Championship Tour berth in 2011, where she was awarded Rookie of the Year. In 2012, she made her first �CT Final, at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast. In 2015, she won another World Qualifying Series event, the Hurley Australian Open. And while the World Tour is Laura�s chief priority � holding down the #11 spot on the Jeep Leaderboard � she still remains on the cutting edge of fashion and design with frequent trips to New York, Paris and beyond.

    Laura Enever

  • <h4>Sage Erickson - </h4> Ojai, CA-born/ North Shore, Oahu-raised, Sage Erickson has had a flirtatious affair with the World Surf League. After two years on the Championship Tour, she got sent back down to the minors for 2014, but promptly made her intentions clear by winning the Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro. This led to another �CT berth in 2015, where she won another �QS event, the Copa El Salvador Impresionante, and placed 3rd in the Roxy Pro- France. Currently safe at #9 on the 2016 Jeep Leaderboard, Sage is also an accomplished model regularly summoned by top-shelf lensman to display her photogenic gifts in exotic locales. She�s been putting out some impressive video clips lately, as well.

    Sage Erickson

  • <h4>Tatiana Weston-Webb - </h4> The daughter of a fearless Brazilian bodyboarder who charged Pipeline with her grommette in the womb, Tatiana Weston-Webb grew up on Kauai, where she developed into an apex tuberider and fierce charger. Missing the cut for the 2014 �CT by one spot and finishing runner-up at the World Junior Championships, Tati employed Kahea Hart as a surf coach and began training hard to lock down her place on the 2015 �CT, where she made the Final at The Roxy Pro France and finished the season in 7th to take the coveted Rookie of the Year award. She just won her first �CT event this summer, the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, and is currency ranked #4 on the Jeep Leaderboard.

    Tatiana Weston-Webb

  • <h4>Tyler Wright - </h4> New South Wales� Tyler Wright is a perennial Title contender and the apex power surfer of the �CT. The youngest person to ever win a major pro event (2008 Beachley Classic, at 14), Tyler was the 2010 World Pro Junior Champion. Making her �CT debut the following year, she finished 4th en route to Rookie of the Year honors. She repeated that year-end finish in 2012, then upped the ante to 2nd on the 2013 �CT after a hard-fought battle with Carissa Moore. She repeated that finish the following season, 2nd, to Stephanie Gilmore. Currently wearing the gold jersey on the �16 Jeep Leaderboard, Tyler is the most accomplished female surfer to never win a World Title.

    Tyler Wright

Step 1


Foundations who sign up will have a chance to win up to $50,000 in hereditary breast cancer genetic testing vouchers for their associated hospital/clinic. Ambry Genetics is giving away a total of $125,000 in free testing vouchers.

Step 2

Enter Your Foundation into our Lottery

The official battle pairings will be drawn on September 30th at 3:00 PM PST and will be broadcasted live on the MOF Facebook page. Sixteen randomly chosen foundations will be paired with a top women’s professional surf athlete.

Step 3


The goal of this contest is to spread awareness about the importance of early detection in breast cancer. During the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness month), visit and vote for the surfer/clinic of your choice. At the end of the voting period, Ambry Genetics will be donating complementary genetic testing vouchers to the pairs that receive the most votes.

Registered Foundations

Ordered by date of registration


Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation

 Pullman, WA


Medical Center of Central Georgia Inc.

 Macon, GA


Candler Foundation Inc.

 Savannah, GA


Susquehanna Health Foundation

 Williamsport, PA


Sutter West Bay Medical Foundation

 Santa Rosa, CA



 Miami, FL


E Plus Foundation

 Casper, WY


Virtua Health Foundation Inc.

 Voorhees, NJ


North Colorado Medical Center Foundation Inc.

 Greeley, CO


St Josephs Healthcare System Inc

 Paterson, NJ


Wellstar Foundation Inc.

 Marietta, GA


Dekalb Medical Center Inc.

 Decatur, GA


Sanford Health Foundation of Northern Minnesota

 Bemidji, MN


Ihc Health Services Inc.

 Murray, UT


Gwinnett Hospital System Foundation Inc.

 Lawrenceville, GA


Parkview Health System Inc.

 Fort Wayne, IN


Rex Hospital Inc.

 Raleigh, NC


CCS Foundation

 Williamsville, NY


University of Chicago Medical Center

 Chicago, IL


Sunsystem Development Corporation

 Deland, FL


University of Southern California

 Los Angeles, CA


Mission Hospital Foundation

 Mission Viejo, CA


St. Joseph Hospital Foundation

 Orange, CA


Vmc Foundation

 San Jose, CA


Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

 Detroit, MI


Texas Oncology Foundation Inc.

 Austin, TX


Memorial Medical Center Foundation

 Long Beach, CA


South Broward Hospital District

 Pembroke Pines, FL


Cancer Research Collaboration Inc.

 Santa Ana, CA


Mercy Health Foundation Oklahoma City

 Oklahoma City, OK


Medical Faculty Associates Inc.

 Washington, DC


Vassar Brothers Hospital Foundation

 Poughkeepsie, NY


The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

 Chicago, IL


Forsyth Memorial Hospital Inc Forsyth Medical Center

 Winston Salem, NC


San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

 San Francisco, CA


Northside Hospital Inc.

 Atlanta, GA


Southcoast Hospitals Group Inc.

 New Bedford, MA


St. Josephs Hospital of Tampa Foundation Inc.

 Tampa, FL


University of Vermont Medical Center Inc.

 Burlington, VT


Good Samaritan Foundation

 Cincinnati, OH


University Health Care Foundation Inc.

 Augusta, GA


Cancer Resource Foundation Inc.

 Boston, MA


Genetics & Cancer Prevention

 Cambridge, MA


Foundation of Hope and Innovation

 Downey, CA


St. Vincent Hospital Foundation Inc.

 Indianapolis, IN


MemorialCare Medical Foundation

 Laguna Hills, California


St. Louis University

 Saint Louis, MO


Get Pink'd

 New York, NY


Poudre Valley Health System Foundation

 Fort Collins, CO


Cancer Genetics

 Dallas, TX


Kootenai Health Inc.

 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation

 Albuquerque, NM


Northern Westchester Hospital Association

 Mount Kisco, NY


Greenville Health System

 Greenville, SC



 Aliso Viejo, CA


Camc Foundation Inc.

 Charleston, WV


Geisinger Clinic

 Danville, PA


University Genetics

 Knoxville, TN


Western New York Breast Health

 Buffalo, NY


Suburban Hospital Incorporated

 Bethesda, MD


St. Joseph Hospital Medical Staff Education Fund Inc.

 Towson, MD


Flower Hospital

 Sylvania, OH


Oakwood Healthcare System Foundation

 Dearborn, MI



 Nashville, TN


Alight Inc.



University Medical Branch

 Galveston, TX


Palomar Health Foundation

 Poway, CA


Memorial Foundation Inc.

 Hollywood, FL


Cancer Institute of Florida

 orlando, fl


H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Hospital Inc.

 Tampa, FL


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

 Philadelphia, PA


Orlando Health

 Orlando, FL


Piedmont Hospital Incorporated

 Atlanta, GA


Norwalk Hospital Association

 Norwalk, CT


Via Christi

 Wichita, KS


Arlington Free Clinic Inc.

 Arlington, VA


Thurow Primary Preventive Healthcare, SC

 Thiensville, WI



 Las Vegas, NV


Prohealth Care Inc.

 Waukesha, WI


Halifax Medical Center Foundation Inc.

 Daytona Beach, FL


White Plains Hospital Medical Center

 White Plains, NY


The Breast and Oncology Center

 Southbury, CT


Alexian Brothers Foundation

 Hoffman Estates, Illinois


Beacon Medical Group Inc.

 Mishawaka, IN


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

 Seattle, WA


Salem Hospital

 Salem, OR


Columbia St. Marys Foundation Inc.

 Milwaukee, WI


Lancaster General Health

 Lancaster, PA


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 Chapel Hill, NC


Holy Cross Hospital, Inc./Development Office

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Polokoff Breast Care

 Southbury, CT


Saint Mary's Foundation

 Grand Rapids, MI


Friends Foundation

 Ste Genevieve, MO


U C San Diego Foundation

 La Jolla, CA


Kadlec Foundatoin

 Richland, WA



 Joliet, IL


Fresno Community Hospital and Medical Center

 Fresno, CA


Ohio Valley Health Services and Education

 Wheeling, WV


Clovis Community Foundation

 Clovis, CA


Lee Memorial Health System

 Fort Myers, FL


St. Vincent Multispecialty Group Inc.

 Bridgeport, CT


Mount Carmel Heatlh System Foundation

 Columbus, OH


Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region

 Sacramento, California


Memorial Health Care System Foundation, INC.

 Chahttanooga, TN


Lahey Clinic Hospital Inc.

 Burlington, MA


Providence Alaska Foundation

 Anchorage, AK



 Costa mesa, CA


The Medical College of Wisconsin Inc.

 Milwaukee, WI


Riddle Memorial Hospital

 Media, PA


Main Line Hospitals Inc.

 Wynnewood, PA


Presence Saint Joseph Hospital Chicago

 Chicago, IL


Carroll Hospital Center Foundation Inc.

 Westminster, MD


The Emory Clinic Inc

 Atlanta, GA


Valley Hospital Inc.

 Ridgewood, NJ


Scripps Research Institute

 La Jolla, CA


Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation

 Kalispell, MT


Caromont Health Inc.

 Gastonia, North Carolina


Dyson Cancer Center

 Poughkeepsie, NY


Miriam Hospital Foundation

 Providence, RI


University Hospitals Health System Inc.

 Cleveland, OH

"Early detection for breast cancer is the key to making this disease curable. Targeting women to appropriate screening, based on their personal or family history, or results of genetic testing, is the most effective mechanism we have for preventing breast cancer and saving lives."

2015 B4TB Winner!

Surfing Champion, Coco Ho Wins $50,000 Donation in Hereditary Breast Cancer Testing Vouchers
for MLC Cancer Foundation as Part of Mauli Ola Foundation’s Battle for the Breasts

"With these vouchers, we are able to provide vital genetic information to at-risk women who might otherwise not have access to testing. We are grateful to Coco, the Mauli Ola Foundation, and Ambry Genetics in helping us with our mission to help our patients gain more knowledge and insights into their risk for cancer."