2015 B4TB Winner!

Surfing Champion, Coco Ho Wins $50,000 Donation in Hereditary Breast Cancer Testing Vouchers
for MLC Cancer Foundation as Part of Mauli Ola Foundation’s Battle for the Breasts

"With these vouchers, we are able to provide vital genetic information to at-risk women who might otherwise not have access to testing. We are grateful to Coco, the Mauli Ola Foundation, and Ambry Genetics in helping us with our mission to help our patients gain more knowledge and insights into their risk for cancer."

Bethany Hamilton - Official Lottery

Bethany Hamilton kicks off the second annual Battle for the Breasts in partnership with the Mauli Ola Foundation, Ambry Genetics, and Surfline in honor of breast cancer awareness month.


This contest exists to spread awareness about the importance of early detection in breast cancer. During the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), visit Surfline.Com and vote for your favorite surfers!

Battle Pairings & Athlete Bios

These girls will be battling for 125,000 dollars'
worth of diagnostic testing donated by Ambry Genetics.

  • <h4>Alana Blanchard - </h4> One of the most visible females surfers the world over, Alana Blanchard has reinvented the career trajectory of a female pro surfer. After spending years on the WSL World Tour, she&#039;s propelled her self to international acclaim by gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated&#039;s iconic swimsuit issue and growing a social media following that&#039;s well over a million strong. Growing up on Kauai, she came of age amongst a very talented group of girls, including her best friend Bethany Hamilton, Malia Manuel and Leila Hurst. In 2015 she stepped away from full-time competition to pursue other endeavors, but as of late she&#039;s been surfing more than ever, and as her latest Instagram post reads, she&#039;s &quot;high on life.&quot;

    Alana Blanchard

  • <h4>Alessa Quizon - </h4> Born into a classic Hawaiian surf family, Alessa Quizon is your typical, fun-loving Island girl. Joining the elite Top 17 on the ASP Women&#039;s World Tour in 2014, Quizon grew up along Oahu&#039;s sacred west side. She recalls her dad taking her and her sister surfing for the first time when she was just a seven-year-old keiki. Three years later she was entered into the Rell Sunn memorial contest at Makaha, and like that a competitive fire was lit. And while there&#039;s no doubt she has a long, fruitful career ahead of her, Quizon remains down to Earth and wholesome. Her hero is still her father, her family gives her inspiration, and she&#039;s a fan &quot;all of the girls on tour.&quot; When not traveling the world chasing points or waves, these days she stays grounded by frequenting the spots she grew up riding Makaha in the winter, Kewalos on the South Shore in the summer.

    Alessa Quizon

  • <h4>Bianca Buitendag - </h4> Building a solid resume in 2015, Bianca Butendag continues to improve at each and every event. Finishing runner-up at the last two WSL World Tour stops, the leggy 20-year-old currently finds herself sitting sixth in the ratings, and if she maintains her trajectory she may find herself in the world title conversation at year&#039;s end. Growing up surfing South Africa&#039;s the legendary Victoria Bay, by the time she was 14 she was already living the life of a wandering surf vagabond. &quot;I remember only going away for two weeks at a time because I would get too homesick,&quot; recalls Butendag. &quot;With every year that passed, my itinerary got busier and now I manage to stay away from home for months at a time. They say home is where the heart is, and I would have to agree.&quot;

    Bianca Buitendag

  • <h4>Carissa Moore - </h4> One of the most dominant competitive surfers of the modern era, two-time world champion Carissa Moore has played an instrumental role in redefining the perceptions of women&#039;s surfing. Combining a powerful, progressive approach in the water with a brilliant strategic mind, she one of the hardest surfers to out-surf in a heat. Off to a blistering start in 2015, she won the first two events of the season and jumped out to an early ratings lead. Gunning for her third world title in five years, she&#039;s looking to get on another roll during the back half of the season. Since she first joined the tour in 2010 the level of talent around Moore has blossomed, but nevertheless, she&#039;s still the one to beat.

    Carissa Moore

  • <h4>Coco Ho - </h4> When it comes to surfing pedigree, few can compare with Coco Ho. Her father, Michael, is a Pipeline Masters champion and is credited with creating the &quot;pig-dog&quot; style of tube-riding, which is a mainstay in every professional surfers&#039; repertoire today. Her uncle Derek is one of only two Hawaiian ASP World Champions, and her brother Mason, well, he&#039;s just a freak in big and small surf alike. Since setting out on the world tour in 2009, Ho won the Rip Curl Pro Search Portugal as a rookie, and has since backed that up with victories at the Legendary Pacific Coast Pro, Billabong Presents Surfecofestival and Maresia Girls International.

    Coco Ho

  • <h4>Courtney Conlogue - </h4> 2015 could be the year a WSL World Title finally returns to California, and it&#039;s Courtney Conlogue that&#039;s doing all the heavy lifting. A girl on fire, this year she&#039;s already won events in Rio and Western Australia, and stands less than a thousand points behind snatching the gold leader jersey from Carissa Moore. Going into the U.S. Open in Huntington Beach, &quot;her backyard&quot;, she&#039;s carrying a ton of momentum and positive energy, as well as the support of her hometown crowd. She&#039;s healthy and fit, her support crew is tuned into her every need, and she&#039;s getting some great boards from her longtime shaper Tim Stamps. With a will to win as strong as any woman on tour, Conlogue is a threat ever time she paddles out.

    Courtney Conlogue

  • <h4>Dimity Stoyle - </h4> Winning the Burleigh Pro at the beginning of the season, Dimity Stoyle got 2015 off on the right foot. Unfortunately the Sunny Coast local hasn&#039;t been able to translate that success onto the world tour. To date she&#039;s only clocked in one heat win on the CT this year. That said, the 5&#039;2&quot; regular-footer is one of the most versatile surfers on the scene and capable of big things. She handled Carissa Moore in pumping surf at the 2014 Fiji Pro and has done well in Cabo the last couple of years. And from sliding alaias, to gliding single-fins and shaping her own boards, Stoyle&#039;s noted the influence of a range of equipment in her approach. A fun, vibrant surfer, she&#039;s in the game for all the right reasons.

    Dimity Stoyle

  • <h4>Johanne Defay - </h4> Following a very similar path to the world tour as her countryman Jeremy Flores, Johanne Defay grew up surfing on Reunion Island before eventually moving to France for her formative competitive years. And like Flores, she&#039;s perfectly comfortable in waves of consequence. Perhaps it has something to do with the water at St. Leu. Coming off of a statement-making semifinal result at this year&#039;s Fiji Pro, as she heads into the back half of the world tour season she&#039;s looking to bolster her seed and crack the top 10 in the ratings. Out there on the road competing without a sponsor, she&#039;s turned to crowdfunding to help with her expenses. According to her website, to date she&#039;s raised over €23,000 to help with travel and equipment costs. She lists her primary goal as to someday win a world title. Last year she was rewarded with the WSL Rookie of the Year away, only 20 years young, there&#039;s no reason she can&#039;t contend in the years ahead.

    Johanne Defay

  • <h4>Lakey Peterson - </h4> Growing up in the talent-rich waters of Ventura County, Lakey Peterson is one of the most progressive female surfers on tour. She has her air game on lock, can bust her fins out with the best of them, and it all came together with a signature win at the 2012 U.S. Open--her first year on tour. Of course, all that&#039;s important, but the girl&#039;s got a heart of gold and dedicates large swaths of time to philanthropic efforts that involve preserving the marine environment and helping the disenfranchised who don&#039;t have the resources to enjoy all that the ocean has to offer. In 2015 she&#039;s put a string of quarterfinal results together to maintain her position in the top ten on tour, but after making it to the semifinals at the recent Fiji Pro and picking up some momentum big things could be in store for Peterson this summer.

    Lakey Peterson

  • <h4>Laura Enever - </h4> The fashionista of the WSL Women&#039;s World Tour, Laura Enever has made it her personal mission to bring beauty and femininity, as well as highly progressive surfing to the tour. Growing up in Narrabeen&#039;s highly competitive lineups, she had to fight and claw her way to the top. After being crowned the WSL World Junior Champion in 2009, in 2011 she qualified for the World Tour was rewarded with the WSL&#039;s rookie of the year award. &quot;It&#039;s a dream come true,&quot; she said at the time, &quot;I think the girls on tour today are proud to demonstrate that you can still be beautiful and go out and tear the bag out of it.&quot; And while the world tour is her number one priority, she often finds herself in fashion capitals like New York and Paris. When she&#039;s focused and in rhythm she&#039;s as dangerous as any girl on tour.

    Laura Enever

  • <h4>Mahina Maeda - </h4> The North Shore&#039;s Mahina Maeda is quickly making a name for herself as the latest female talent to emerge from the Hawaiian islands. Growing up idolizing Carissa Moore and Coco Ho, Maeda has started to blaze her own trail recently. Last winter she was towed into giant surf Nazare in Portugal by her &quot;Uncle&quot; Garrett McNamara. She then kicked off her competitive year with a win at the Hainan Pro in China, and added third-place finishes at the Australian Open and the Los Cabos Open. She lost to Sally Fitzgibbons as a wildcard at the recent Fiji Pro, but considering she&#039;s still in high school, she&#039;s well on her way to a solid career amongst the world&#039;s best.

    Mahina Maeda

  • <h4>Nikki Van Dijk - </h4> In a cruel turn of events, most surf fans first got to know Nikki Van Dijk at the 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach when she got smashed in the face by her board during an early-morning free surf then suplexed the inside reef during her heat with Carissa Moore. Lucky things have been on the up and up since then. Most recently she&#039;s coming off of a win at the Los Cabos Open, where she defeated a red hot Silvana Lima in the final. Hailing from Philip Island, Australia, Van Dijk is the 2012 WSL World Junior Champion and qualified for the big leagues in time for the start of the 2014 season. Tough as nails and getting more seasoned with every passing event, more and more the young Aussie is proving to be quite a dangerous competitor.

    Nikki Van Dijk

  • <h4>Pauline Ado - </h4> She may not have a surfing pedigree, but very early on it life it was clear that Pauline Ado was born to surf. Riding her first waves at the age of nine, by 16 she was a two-time Junior European champion. And by 17 she was the first non-Australian to win the WSL Junior World Title in Narabeen (she also won an ISA world championship that same year). After falling off tour last season, Ado is clawing her way up the QS ratings in hopes of getting back to that elite level. Given the success she&#039;s enjoyed throughout her career, there&#039;s no reason to doubt that she&#039;s going to be dangerous for a long time to come.

    Pauline Ado

  • <h4>Sage Erickson - </h4> California&#039;s golden girl, Sage Erickson, is the embodiment of West Coast beach culture. Long, blond hair, skin kissed by the sun, doe-eyed with an ever-present, friendly smile, Erickson&#039;s first love is the blessed pointbreak that is Rincon. Growing up around Ventura and Santa Barbara, her surfing features an abundance of soul and style. She&#039;s had a flirtatious career on the WSL World Tour, but continues to be right there in the pack with the top-level talent. Her last career win came at the 2014 Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro in Oceanside. When not in competitive mode, taking trips and seeing new places is a favorite pastime of Erickson&#039;s. Perfectly content in a jersey or just a bikini wandering an empty beach in search of a peak, she&#039;s a surfer&#039;s surfer.

    Sage Erickson

  • <h4>Silvana Lima - </h4> Bringing the Brazilian passion to every heat she paddles out in, Silvana Lima is one of the fiercest competitors on the WSL World Tour. Currently ranked 12th in the word, since suffering a severe knee injury in 2012 and going through subsequent sponsorship issues she&#039;s staged a remarkable comeback. It hasn&#039;t been easy for Lima to climb back into competitive form, but by letting her passion guide her, she&#039;s now surfing at the level she knows she&#039;s capable of. Coming off of a runner-up finish at the recent Los Cabos Open, her small-wave game is dynamic and explosive, and don&#039;t be surprised if you catch her hunting for a ramp section. Her aerial game ranks among the best on the women&#039;s world tour.

    Silvana Lima

  • <h4>Tatiana Weston-Webb - </h4> Train like a champion, perform like a champion, that&#039;s where Tatiana Weston-Webb&#039;s head is at right now. Growing up on the talent-rich island of Kauai, she knows exactly what it takes to get to the next level, which is exactly where she&#039;s intent on taking her surfing. After missing the cut for the 2014 Women&#039;s WSL World Tour by one spot and finishing runner-up at the World Junior Championships, Tati, as her friends and family call her, went back to the drawing board and got to work. Employing the talents of surf coach Kahea Hart, she trained hard and was rewarded with a spot on the 2015 WSL World Tour. &quot;My excitement is going through the roof,&quot; she smiles. While Tati will be bucking down on the WSL circuit, she&#039;ll also be graduating from high school and has plans to begin taking college courses. With her ever-present positive attitude, she says, &quot;I can&#039;t wait to further my education and my surfing career.&quot;

    Tatiana Weston-Webb

What Is Battle For The Breasts?

Battle for the Breasts is an on-line video surf contest presented by Ambry Genetics and powered by Surfline.

The world's top female surfers will go head-to-head during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to raise awareness and compete for genetic testing vouchers donated by Ambry Genetics on behalf of Mauli Ola Foundation to the qualifying cancer clinics.


Pro Surfers







Step 1


Registration is no longer available. Foundations who have signed up will have a chance to win up to $50,000 in hereditary breast cancer genetic testing vouchers for their associated hospital/clinic. Ambry Genetics is giving away a total of $125,000 in free testing vouchers.

Step 2


On September 29th, the official battle pairings were drawn by previous winner, Bethany Hamilton. 16 Foundations are now paired with the top 16 women's professional surf athletes.

Step 3


The goal of this contest is to spread awareness about the importance of early detection in breast cancer. During the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness month), visit surfline.com and vote for the surfer/clinic of your choice. At the end of the voting period, Ambry Genetics will be donating complementary genetic testing vouchers to the pairs that receive the most votes.

Battle for the Breasts is an online surf video contest with the world’s best professional women surfers spreading awareness about the importance of early breast cancer detection.

Registered Foundations

Ordered by date of registration


Sentara Medical Group

 Norfolk, VA


Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation

 Pullman, WA


Montana Childrens Home & Hospital

 Helena, MT


Medical Center of Central Georgia Inc.

 Macon, GA


Spectrum Health Hospitals

 Grand Rapids, MI


Geisinger Health System Foundation

 Danville, PA


Candler Foundation Inc.

 Savannah, GA


Susquehanna Health Foundation

 Williamsport, PA


Miltons S Hershey Medical Center

 Hershey, PA


Sutter West Bay Medical Foundation

 Santa Rosa, CA


Saint Thomas Hospital Foundation

 Nashville, Tennessee


Aultman Foundation

 Canton, OH


St. Mary Medical Center Foundation

 Langhorne, PA


Health Services of Fox Chase Cancer Center

 Philadelphia, PA


Floyd Healthcare Management Inc.

 Rome, GA


Wheaton Franciscan - St. Joseph Foundation

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Fdn for St. Francis and Franklin Inc.

 Milwaukee, WI



 Miami, FL


Public Health Trust of Dade County Florida

 Miami, FL


St Vincent Hospital-hospital Sisters-third Order Of St Francis

 Green bay, WI


E Plus Foundation

 Casper, WY


York Hospital

 York, PA


St. John Hospital and Medical Center

 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI


University of Texas Foundation

 Austin, TX


Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Foundation

 Rochester, MI


Virtua Health Foundation Inc.

 Voorhees, NJ


Hackensack Medical Center Foundation

 Hackensack, NJ


Hektoen Institute for Medical Research

 Chicago, IL


Franciscan St Francis Health Auxiliary, Inc.

 Indianapolis, IN


Illinois Cancercare Foundation

 Peoria, IL


The Queen's Comprehensive Genetics Center

 Honolulu, HI


North Colorado Medical Center Foundation Inc.

 Greeley, CO


Centra Health Foundation

 Lynchburg, VA


St Josephs Healthcare System Inc

 Paterson, NJ


Wellstar Foundation Inc.

 Marietta, GA


McG Health Inc.

 Augusta, GA


The Huntsville Hospital Foundation Inc.

 Huntsville, AL


Dekalb Medical Center Inc.

 Decatur, GA


Sanford Health Foundation of Northern Minnesota

 Bemidji, MN


Piedmont Healthcare Inc.

 Atlanta, GA


Cancer Therapy and Research Center Foundation

 San Antonio, TX


Ihc Health Services Inc.

 Murray, UT


Alexian Brothers Foundation

 Hoffman Estates, Il


Northeast Georgia Health System Inc.

 Gainesville, GA


City of Hope National Medical Center

 Duarte, CA


Sutter East Bay Hospitals

 Berkeley, CA


Gwinnett Hospital System Foundation Inc.

 Lawrenceville, GA


Parkview Health System Inc.

 Fort Wayne, IN


Rex Hospital Inc.

 Raleigh, NC


Methodist Hospital

 Houston, TX


CCS Foundation

 Williamsville, NY





University of Chicago Medical Center

 Chicago, IL


Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation

 Elmhurst, Illinois


Sunsystem Development Corporation

 Celebration, FL


University of Southern California

 Los Angeles, CA


Arh Foundation for Healthier Communities Inc.

 Hazard, KY


University of Southern California

 Los Angeles, CA


Palo Alto Medical Foundation for Health Care Research & Education

 Sunnyvale, CA


Mission Hospital Foundation

 Mission Viejo, CA


St. Joseph Hospital Foundation

 Orange, CA



 Martinsville, VA


Vmc Foundation

 San Jose, CA


Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

 Detroit, MI


Texas Oncology Foundation Inc.

 Austin, TX


Suburban Hospital Foundation Inc.

 Bethesda, MD


Banner Health Foundation

 Phoenix, AZ


Memorial Medical Center Foundation

 Long Beach, CA


South Broward Hospital District

 Pembroke Pines, FL


Russel Hill Cancer Foundation Inc.

 Huntsville, AL


Essentia Health

 Duluth, MN


Cancer Research Collaboration Inc.

 Santa Ana, CA


Mercy Health Foundation Inc.

 Oshkosh, WI


St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation

 Appleton, WI


Mercy Health Foundation Oklahoma City

 Oklahoma City, OK


Rocky Mountain Adventist Healthcare Foundation

 Greenwood Village, CO


Medical Faculty Associates Inc.

 Washington, DC


Vassar Brothers Hospital Foundation

 Poughkeepsie, NY


The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

 Chicago, IL


Forsyth Memorial Hospital Inc Forsyth Medical Center

 Winston Salem, NC


San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

 San Francisco, CA


Roper St. Francis Foundation

 Charleston, SC


Northside Hospital Inc.

 Atlanta, GA


Oregon Health and Science University Foundation

 Portland, OR


Tufts Medical Center Parent Inc

 Boston, Massachusetts


Lahey Clinic Hospital Inc.

 Burlington, MA


Southcoast Hospitals Group Inc.

 New Bedford, MA


Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

 Philadelphia, PA


Beaumont Health

 Royal Oak, MI


Athens Regional Foundation Inc.

 Athens, GA


Umass Memorial Health Care Inc

 Worcester, MA


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

 Boston, MA


Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation

 Danbury, CT


Dana-Farber Community Cancer Care Network Inc.

 Weymouth, MA


Clinical Cancer Genetics Program

 Roanoke, VA


St. Josephs Hospital of Tampa Foundation Inc.

 Tampa, FL


University of Vermont Medical Center Inc.

 Burlington, VT


Good Samaritan Foundation

 Cincinnati, OH


University Health Care Foundation Inc.

 Augusta, GA


Cancer Resource Foundation Inc.

 Boston, MA


Sanford Health Foundation

 Sioux Falls, SD


Genetics & Cancer Prevention

 Cambridge, MA


Foundation of Hope and Innovation

 Downey, CA


St. Vincent Hospital Foundation Inc.

 Indianapolis, IN


ProHealth Care Foundation, Inc

 Waukesha, WI


Saint Francis Foundation

 Hartford, CT


MemorialCare Medical Foundation

 Laguna Hills, California


St. Louis University

 Saint Louis, MO


Cancer Risk and Prevention Program

 Fountain Valley, CA


St Clair Health Corporation

 Bethel Park, PA


Get Pink'd

 New York, NY



 La Jolla, CA


Poudre Valley Health System Foundation

 Fort Collins, CO


(did not enter name)

 Dallas, TX


Boston Medical Center Corporation

 Boston, MA


Kootenai Health Inc.

 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


University of Utah

 Salt Lake Cty, UT


New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation

 Albuquerque, NM


Northern Westchester Hospital Association

 Mount Kisco, NY


Greenville Health System

 Greenville, SC


Roswell Park Alliance Foundation

 Buffalo, NY


MLC Cancer Foundation and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

No Location Was Found



No Location Was Found



 Aliso Viejo, CA



 Orange, California

"Early detection for breast cancer is the key to making this disease curable. Targeting women to appropriate screening, based on their personal or family history, or results of genetic testing, is the most effective mechanism we have for preventing breast cancer and saving lives."

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Learing about your family's history of cancer can help you take charge of your health.

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2014 B4TB Winner

Orange County's BreastLink earns $50,000 in testing vouchers from Ambry Genetics
in online women's surf event thanks to Bethany Hamilton.